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1978 Pontiac Grand Prix 'Jupiter Del Rio'

1978 Pontiac Grand Prix 'Jupiter Del Rio' in DiRT: Showdown, Racing, 2012

Class: Cars, Coupé — Origin: US

Playable Vehicle Playable vehicle

1978 Pontiac Grand Prix 'Jupiter Del Rio'

Picture provided by : Star Wars Fanatic

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mr.mopar69 US (1)

2011-12-13 00:23

Since both are made by Codemasters, could it be this?

Phil Leon DE (0)

2011-12-13 01:45

Hehe, never thought that the Bluesmobile is featured in this game!

ACE the ultimatum FI (37)

2011-12-13 06:14

Why did they put Motorstorm's Patriot Surgers here with 2 paintjobs? :D

Officer Sandwiches CA (0)

2011-12-13 06:49

2-door Bluesmobile... :(

mr.mopar69 US (1)

2011-12-19 00:40

actually it looks like a '78 pontiac grand prix.

Antonisbob! CA (0)

2011-12-21 04:23

In my opinion, the green car looks more like a late '70s Monaco or Gran Fury 2-door.

Front end especially. What's everyone else think?

-- Last edit: 2011-12-21 04:25:51

mr.mopar69 US (1)

2011-12-21 04:45

well each car is the same and has the same split grill and rear window. thats why I said Pontiac Grand Prix & included a picture. the bumper seems right but the rest if the car soesnt match with the late '70s Monaco or Gran Fury 2-door.

Antonisbob! CA (0)

2012-01-08 08:45

Yeah, I see what you mean. It has a slight mix of styling I suppose.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (494)

2012-01-28 18:08

I think this also appeared in GRiD, which also had destruction derby events:

ACE the ultimatum FI (37)

2012-04-02 06:53

As SWF told, this is Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Scooter8299 NZ (0)

2012-05-04 05:26

Even if this is the Jupiter Eagleray Mk.V from GRiD,(Correct?)it's undergone a few changes. It's also been renamed. It's Jupiter Del Rio now.

Mad Mike (17)

2012-05-28 23:58

A new revamped version of the "Jupiter Eagle Ray MK.5" used the demolition events in Race Driver Grid.
Basicly same mesh with a few changes:
- cuts in the fenders for the wheel arches are not so high resulting in a more production/street car ride height
- inverted trunk
- cheap looking rollcage as opposed to the perfect rollcage and door reinforcement seen in GRID
- no bullbar and front bumper moved forward
- new grubby/rusty textures making use of a more advanced set of shaders

whether that makes this a monte carlo as the former version of this model is, or if this makes the former a Grand prix, I don't know.

-- Last edit: 2012-05-28 23:58:54

generalrusty78 US (1)

2018-01-07 20:08

mr.mopar69 wrote actually it looks like a '78 pontiac grand prix.

That's a 1981 Model this is a 1978 Model

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