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1985 Daihatsu Charade 'Stria Carera Standard'

1985 Daihatsu Charade 'Stria Carera Standard' in Just Cause 3, Action, 2015

Class: Cars, Hatchback — Origin: JP

Playable Vehicle Unlockable Vehicle Playable and unlockable vehicle

How to obtain it : Steal it and take to garage

1985 Daihatsu Charade 'Stria Carera Standard'

Picture provided by : Klumb3r

1985 Daihatsu Charade 'Stria Carera Standard'

Picture provided by : Klumb3r

Comments about this vehicle


J-2 ES (1317)

2015-12-05 16:00

Autobianchi A112

Tuppence870 UK (57)

2015-12-05 16:04

This is the Golf listed earlier, but these images are better

direct_UA UA (15)

2015-12-05 16:04

This is boxier than Autobianchi, and also completely different rear.


2015-12-06 08:36

civic gen 1

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-12-07 21:43

Yet another car that only is found in rusted and poor condition. They should at least have a normal version that spawned. :/

Gamer DE (72)

2015-12-07 21:58

I agree with the Gen. 1 Civic idea:

Polish Wheelman PL (2)

2016-06-14 18:09

J-2 wrote Autobianchi A112

I agree,100% accurate. Absolutely not a Golf.

Aginnon CZ (4)

2016-06-14 18:54

It doesn't look like an Autobianchi to me though.

J-2 ES (1317)

2017-03-04 01:09

After all these months, I think this is simply a Zastava Yugo, looks almost the same.

K20lover199 (0)

2017-03-28 20:41

If the five door version of this is a Golf then this should be changed to a Golf too.

Speedevil BE (183)

2017-03-28 21:03

Is it an A112 or a Golf?

CarCrazedAlex586 (5)

2017-03-28 23:39

Speedevil wrote Is it an A112 or a Golf?


Twilight Sparkplug (22)

2017-03-29 00:47

yeah.. It seems odd this is the same car listed as two different cars because of the number of doors?
Personally Id say its more of a first gen civic, With a taller golf like body.

sajmon14 PL (232)

2017-03-29 11:58

The other one looks like Fiat Uno a bit. It had a three door version too.

lombax AU (0)

2019-01-07 11:21

So... Is there a reason this has been listed as a 'Daihatsu Charade' despite -no one- suggesting that?

I'm not saying it doesn't look similar but the 85 Charade doesn't have round headlights and that can be all the difference needed to discount it.
Especially seeing as the Mediterranean setting of the game tends moreso to European models.
If it -is- a Charade, it's the only non-European civilian vehicle in the entire game, apart from the Yamaha dirt bikes.

-- Last edit: 2019-01-07 11:26:33

ALMF-3512 CN (0)

2019-01-07 11:33

A112 suits better

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-15 00:10

Relive college poverty in the Stria Carera hatchback, where it doesn't matter what you spill on the upholstery. Complete with jammed tape deck.

andarara ES (0)

2019-03-07 19:17

Wish I could see you and STEAL YOU in a not so rusted state, my old babe.

Catan69 IT (1)

2019-08-30 20:54

This is a Fiat Uno. They just mixed up details from different Fiat/Seat old models.
Rear tail-lights and line: Fiat Panda (141, 141A chassis code)
Overall body: Fiat Uno
Front fascia: Autobianchi A112, hints from Fiat Ritmo/Strada.

'83 Charade was impossible to be seen in Italy, the location where the game takes place should be respected, if we want to understand correctly which is the inspiration behind the models.

TheGreaser US (67)

2019-08-30 21:26

It makes sense but this car is also in JC4. Also, the game isn't set in Italy, but on a Mediterranean island - Medici - similar to the aforementioned country.

Catan69 IT (1)

2019-09-03 17:12

Still, seeing a Charade was quite difficult back in those days. And looks nothing like a Charade, completely different.

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