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1978 Ford Granada

1978 Ford Granada in The Crew, Racing, 2014

Class: Cars, Sedan — Origin: US

Unplayable vehicle

1978 Ford Granada

Picture provided by : Speedevil

1978 Ford Granada

Picture provided by : Speedevil

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carcrasher88 US (20)

2015-07-03 21:08

1979-82 Ford LTD?

PikesPeak TH (14)

2015-07-03 23:21

Ford Crusader doesnt sell at U.S

Also , no vw....

-- Last edit: 2015-07-03 23:21:25

Speedevil BE (195)

2015-07-03 23:49

Added a rear shot if it helps. It doesn't look like a Crusader IMO.

speedfreak975 LB (642)

2015-07-04 01:15

For me this is a generic 80's american sedan. So its a mixture of the ltd and aries and even a hint of monaco I think (1974)

PikesPeak TH (14)

2015-07-04 13:41

Bump! It's just 80's generic sedan

Made For Game.

speedfreak975 LB (642)

2015-07-04 19:33

"made for game" sounds right because from a mile away you can tell its an American 80's sedan but once you get closer you cant really pinpoint what is dominant.

-- Last edit: 2015-07-04 19:36:22

GeoZR177 US (25)

2015-07-05 19:05

Front end and body seem to be a mid to late 70's US spec Ford Granada

speedfreak975 LB (642)

2015-07-05 19:55

Not trying to be rude or blunt but the late 70's to 80's american sedans all shared the same styling (not the same looks there is a difference). That era specifically wasnt America's highlight. In my opinion American cars lacked innovation in that era.

patridam US (1)

2015-08-05 20:25

1978 Ford Granada.

Carini89 US (0)

2015-08-08 20:47

Plymouth Volare

speedfreak975 LB (642)

2015-08-16 16:17

This model will most probably be replaced with another after the November update so need to keep guessing

ZoomZoom US (12)

2015-10-21 22:17

Ford Granada

Speedevil BE (195)

2016-09-20 13:40

So, this car was removed when Wild Run came out. What do we do with this page?

Renz203 PH (11)

2016-09-20 16:50

This used to be listed as Made For Game before I was a member on this site

speedfreak975 LB (642)

2016-09-20 19:10

we should remove the page if the car no longer exists in the current game

sajmon14 PL (232)

2016-09-20 19:30

speedfreak975 wrote we should remove the page if the car no longer exists in the current game

I'd keep it since it existed sometime in the retail game. There are some cars in otehr games that disapear after some time and they don't dissapear. And according to that logic we should remove games like Car Town since they no longer exist

speedfreak975 LB (642)

2016-09-20 19:37

the game was almost completely remodeled (as anew game) so this car doesnt need to stay. if it makes a return then we re-enter it. car town is completely different it stopped. As the whole game. Games have expiration dates especially online ones. removing it would be wrong because its a whole entity.This isnt a timed prize car like some in Racing rivals. its merely a traffic car. which were remodeled or replaced by WD cars meaning that developers removed it to save space (logically speaking)

-- Last edit: 2016-09-20 19:38:28

alatriste2003 ES (31)

2016-09-21 09:16

This car should stay because still is in the game. Appears in many cutscenes along with the old models.

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