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Made for Game 'Yomoshoto Evasion'

Made for Game 'Yomoshoto Evasion' in The Sims 2, Simulation, 2004

Class: Cars, Sedan

Playable Vehicle Downloadable Vehicle Playable and downloadable vehicle

How to obtain it : Only available with the Nightlife Expansion. Cost 6,250

Made for Game 'Yomoshoto Evasion'

Picture provided by : Burn Rubber

Made for Game 'Yomoshoto Evasion'

Picture provided by : Burn Rubber

Comments about this vehicle


lastinpurple ES (8)

2007-02-04 13:57

I'd say Audi A4 B5

austinallegro UK (7)

2007-11-10 16:18

Look like a A4 to me too.

walter IT (59)

2007-11-12 14:36

No. That's not an Audi, but just a generic car ;)


2007-11-12 18:48

Generic car, made for game, has nothing to do with an Audi.

Red Grant

2008-01-13 01:42

I always thought it looked like a Caprice.

Robex IT (1)

2009-11-01 00:55

"Yomoshoto"...I think it could be a japanese car...

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2010-11-29 23:40

Give it up, it's just a generic sedan.

sajmon14 PL (230)

2010-11-30 14:51

it's so generic like Midtown Madness vehicles, so don't guess it

TheHeartbreakKid15 EN (0)

2010-12-01 22:14

Just a generic four door.

doseisan JP (3)

2010-12-02 15:41

Rear view:

Ford78 PT (13)

2010-12-02 17:56

subzero wrote

Listen, it wasn`t in this car. That was another. Lantzs09 is wrong. He`s a liar. I said one of the pictures as named Made for Game, but it wasn`t here. Was another, a red car. He`s joking with us. He said that was a Chevrolet Cavalier, but NOT in this car. lastinpurple is right. Definetly a Audi A4. He said Chevrolet Cavalier to send me out. I didn`t made a message in this car.

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2010-12-02 18:08

You mean this one:

Well this is more or less the same car, but it appears in-game as an unplayable car-pool. It's also a Yomoshoto Evasion, only with different headlights, doorhandles and hubcaps. It's depicted as an earlier model of the Evasion, because that one was there since the original game, whereas the playable one, depicted here, did not appear until the Night Life expansion pack. And I do not agree with this being an A4, let's avoid creating another discussion, please. We all know the outcome, don't we?

alexanderroodt ZA (1)

2013-07-30 07:40

What does generic mean?

sajmon14 PL (230)

2013-07-30 15:47

alexanderroodt wrote What does generic mean?

it means a car that isn't based on anything and looks so simple, like a random shape with headlights, wheels and taillights added to make it look like a realistic car

alexanderroodt ZA (1)

2013-07-30 19:53

Oh, OK.

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-11-25 20:31

Wow this is vehicle ID 7!

AutoTracker US (225)

2015-11-25 21:21

Vehicle ID 1 was a Citroen Saxo in V Rally. How much IGCD has come in nearly 10 years and 70000 more vehicles. :)

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-11-25 21:26

What's weird is vehicle ID 2 and 3 no longer exist...

GamerFIB7590 ID (249)

2015-11-26 05:32

First MFG on IGCD

-- Last edit: 2015-11-26 05:38:41

Burn Rubber US (346)

2016-04-07 01:15

Ugliest car in the game...

Josemag2016 BR (2)

2016-05-15 05:05


Burn Rubber US (346)

2016-05-15 05:06

Josemag2016 wrote LEXUS


Aginnon CZ (4)

2016-06-28 16:46

Ford Crown Victoria?
Wait, generic as a lot of people said.

-- Last edit: 2016-11-25 10:24:17

CarCrazedAlex586 (5)

2017-08-10 16:24

The car may be super generic, but I still think it's a designed-from-memory Lexus LS.

-- Last edit: 2017-08-10 16:24:09

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