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2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in GRID 2, Racing, 2013

Class: Cars, Coupé — Origin: FR

Playable Vehicle Unlockable Vehicle Playable and unlockable vehicle

2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Picture provided by : Mark0

2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Picture provided by : Mark0

Comments about this vehicle


NFC94 (6)

2013-02-17 19:03

It's a Veyron Super Sport.

carcrasher88 US (20)

2013-02-17 19:41



Veyron -

Veyron Super Sport -

Hamisxa PL (1)

2013-02-20 19:01

As I said I've heard rumors about it :D
So I'm happy it's true!
I like the speed of the Veyron but it's ugly ;/
Well at least the 16.4 was looking better than the Super Sport.

Hamisxa PL (1)

2013-02-20 22:27

Are you serious?
They put in that this is the 2009 16.4 even though it's a 2012 Super Sport which gained the fastest car in the world title back.
And it's taken again :D

PikesPeak TH (14)

2013-02-20 23:50

it's Super Sport , you derp....

look at the rims... you can see it's orange and look on the back... 16.4 have a gray thingy on it while Super Sport doesnt have and it din't have square-ish exhaust too

16.4 Model ^^^

Super Sport Model ^^^

-- Last edit: 2013-02-20 23:52:24

Antti-san FI (38)

2013-02-21 08:50

Yeah, it's clearly a Super Sport. Could an admin please change it?

pskoene BE (0)

2013-02-28 21:06

2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

sajmon14 PL (232)

2013-08-08 16:00

someone hacked his account too

RacingFreak TW (120)

2013-08-08 16:37


sajmon14 PL (232)

2013-08-08 20:55

comments got removed, some guy who commented few times on igcd now started sending ad's for fake rayban glasses :p

RacingFreak TW (120)

2013-08-08 23:13

i asked who, and deleting such posts totally do not help...

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2013-08-08 23:39

I'm curious too. Who was it?

J-2 ES (1312)

2013-08-09 02:20

I deleted the comments. It was Justuxful's account.

RacingFreak TW (120)

2013-08-09 07:28

As always.. J-2, no need to do that, better wait for Rinspeed see and take actions because he knows what to do. If the spam is too much, you can just archive it...

Justuxful LT (1)

2013-08-09 08:32

Wait, what happened?! My acount got hacked?! :wow:

RacingFreak TW (120)

2013-08-09 09:15

Apparently so, I would like to know how this happened and how were you able to get your account back? This is getting weird.

alexanderroodt ZA (1)

2013-08-09 09:29

Same thing with Donkey-Kong's account, some guy hacked his account and started insult me very badly. He said too much swear words.

Justuxful LT (1)

2013-08-09 12:13

I don't even know... I can normally login, the password wasn't changed or anything. I now changed it, but seriously, this is the second time this happened because my first account (Justuxable) got hacked too, because I can't login to it, so the password was probably changed. I guess I'm just very unlucky in this website... I just remembered that a couple of months ago my account was probably hacked too! Some ads were also posted as coments from my account on car from GT4 or GT5, but I just deleted them and didn't care much (I know, I was stupid). But why someone hacks my account? It's not that I'm very important in this website... Maybe the person just doesn't like lithuanians? :(

-- Last edit: 2013-08-09 12:17:49

RacingFreak TW (120)

2013-08-09 12:38

Might aswell be some malware. Still, Rinspeed will look deeper into the issue I guess.

Justuxful LT (1)

2013-08-09 12:40

Well, I changed my password, so I hope nothing like this happens again! (Fingers crossed) It's annoying, especially when you don't even know that it happened...

-- Last edit: 2013-08-09 14:27:07

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