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2009 Aston Martin DBS

2009 Aston Martin DBS в Forza Horizon, Гонка, 2012

Тип: Автомобили, Купе — Страна: UK

Playable Vehicle Downloadable Vehicle Играбельное и загружаемое ТС

Как получить : December IGN Car Pack

2009 Aston Martin DBS


2009 Aston Martin DBS


2009 Aston Martin DBS


Комментарии об этом автомобиле


Maltravers RU (8)

2012-11-28 07:50

This game has too much DLC unlike the first Forza.
I'm glad I had to play oldschool racing games. Good old times :)

MartinBond NL (16)

2012-11-28 11:42

It's the fact that they give us cars that are exactly the same as in Forza 4 or 3 in this case that bugs me. At least they could have made it a DBS Volante or a 2012 model.


2012-11-28 12:08

What annoys me about Forza DLC is that the DLC cars always end up in the next game anyway. So you might as well just save your cash and wait for the next game with all the previous game's cars and DLC packs included.

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