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1985 BMW 5 'Vincent' [E30]

1985 BMW 5 'Vincent' [E30] in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Action, 2004

Class: Cars, Sedan — Origin: DE

Playable Vehicle Playable vehicle

1985 BMW 5 'Vincent' [E30]

Picture provided by : G-MANN

1985 BMW 5 'Vincent' [E30]

Picture provided by : SolanaBogon

Comments about this vehicle


G-MANN UK (51)

2006-10-05 15:24


2006-11-03 08:29

I don't see a Passat in this....! And even if it was, the Passat sedan of this age is called Santana...

-- Last edit: 2006-11-13 12:45:56


2007-04-08 05:12

Volkswagen Quantum.

Red Grant

2007-12-08 08:12

Looks a lot like a Bimmer to me.

CrazyCars EN (13)

2007-12-08 12:12

only the lights are from a beemer.


2007-12-10 21:44



2007-12-10 21:58

Why not just a made for game, it doesnt resemble a BMW at all nor a Passat, not every car in this game has to be identifiable there are obvious made for game cars, like this one...

lastinpurple ES (10)

2007-12-11 15:25

I see the Passat look in it...


2007-12-11 16:21

Its nothing like a Quantum or a Passat its a simple made for game

lastinpurple ES (10)

2007-12-11 16:47

No it isn't


2007-12-11 16:54

The thing of this is to try and identify if the car made for the videogame has any real similarity like the front or same wheels not to invent the name of it only because it has a simialr shape, if we follow that rule then we will ahve tones of cars resembling any real one, that squared line of the body is very typical of the eighties so it could be any, is is just a geenric car that has not been based on any car at all, not every car in this game has to be a real one, there are some very generic and this is one of them.

CrazyCars EN (13)

2007-12-11 16:57

I don't think this is made for game

lastinpurple ES (10)

2007-12-11 16:58

I see some similarities


2007-12-11 17:13

CrazyCars wrote I don't think this is made for game

Oh sure, its a clear representation of a real car.

lastinpurple wrote I see some similarities

Such as?

lastinpurple ES (10)

2007-12-11 22:45

Well, it's not exactly the same, but this is IGCD it's not the car that it is, but the car is based on. The boxy body, the grille, the front, all those things look very Quantumish to me


2007-12-12 00:08

Yes this is IGCD as you say and we have to label cars if they are anything or if they are simply made for game, not inventing it, youve picked that as a Quantum for just picking any car because its nothign like one, actually the only similarity we could find is the shape and nothign else, grill similar? in what sense? front similar?! oh come on! :p it is just the typical type of car you could find from the eighties, has nothing to do with any real model...

Red Grant

2007-12-12 00:11

Red Grant wrote Looks a lot like a Bimmer to me.

Actually the view form behind reminds me of an old Mazda from behind. Don't ask me why.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2007-12-12 00:14

I think a line has to be drawn somewhere, but for now it will be reverted as unknown as I don't see a particularly striking resemblance here.


2007-12-24 00:31

I see a MKII Jetta (1985-1992) or a four-door BMW E30 (1984-1994).

Both cars fit in with San Andreas' early 90's timeframe.

Mr. Wheelman US (0)

2008-03-12 03:31

a 1985 BMW 325e I guess

Ali M5

2008-03-16 16:14

simple , this car most likely is the MK2 bmw 3 series ( from the 1980s) , its looks alomst exactly like it


2008-06-01 14:58

It looks a bit like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W126).

Caio Fivetech BR (1)

2008-09-21 16:30

VW Fox (VW Voyage) exported to the US in the 80's and 90's

Nimet0n FI (0)

2009-03-08 20:48

Made for game...?

Black Bart US (84)

2009-03-10 00:08

1992 BMW 5 [E34]

Black Bart US (84)

2009-03-10 18:26

It is a BMW.

Road Wars Fanatic IE (3)

2009-06-08 11:51

Well, the Vincent Is a Mitsubishi Galant in IV, maybe this is an older Galant

Black Bart US (84)

2009-07-26 22:27

Not to be rude Road Wars Fanatic, but that car looks like it wasn't sold in the US, so I was thinking a 1992 BMW 5 Series.

-- Last edit: 2009-07-26 22:27:56

TheHeartbreakKid15 EN (0)

2010-04-16 15:56

It's supposed to a boxier version of a 5 Series, Rockstar have just genericised it to avoid copyright issues. They do this with EVERY car in the GTA Series and always will.

Ford78 PT (13)

2010-05-15 19:21

Uploaded with

Ford78 PT (13)

2010-09-08 16:03

Vicent = 1989 BMW Serie 5

Tycek PL (169)

2010-11-11 10:51

It lookss like Lancia Prisma with front taken from Lancia Delta

stryder237 EN (3)

2011-04-29 15:49

It looks like a BMW

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2012-01-15 15:05

It's actually a 5-door version of the E30/E36 3 series. Look at the headlights and body style.

Maltravers RU (8)

2012-06-17 15:53

'1989 BMW 525i [E34].

Gothzilla US (0)

2012-07-03 19:04

A FWD BMW? Okay then...

RyanTheRedneck CA (0)

2012-07-09 01:56

Am I The Only One Who Sees Honda Accord Resemblance. Sure It's An Oddball Design, But To Me It's Closest Real Life Cousin Is A 1991 Accord

xrw960 VE (0)

2012-12-19 04:02

Looks very generic, but at least the front looks like a 5-Series.

ZoomZoom US (12)

2016-03-28 01:54

Model year is 1989

valera UA (8)

2017-08-26 19:54


valera UA (8)

2018-04-06 12:41

3 series

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