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1991 Mitsubishi 3000 GT 'Super GT' [Z16A]

1991 Mitsubishi 3000 GT 'Super GT' [Z16A] in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Action, 2004

Class: Cars, Coupé — Origin: JP

Playable Vehicle Playable vehicle

1991 Mitsubishi 3000 GT 'Super GT' [Z16A]

Picture provided by : G-MANN

1991 Mitsubishi 3000 GT 'Super GT' [Z16A]

Picture provided by : SolanaBogon

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2006-10-06 12:58



2006-10-13 14:24



2006-11-03 08:30

Toyota supra/mr2?

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2007-04-07 01:48

Toyota MR-2


2008-10-19 02:13

lotus espirit


2009-03-16 20:58

"The Super GT is an extremely fast sports car which appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV. It is based upon a 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT with the back of a 1993 Toyota Supra in GTA:SA."


Black Bart US (84)

2009-07-26 22:15

How is this a MR2?? :??:


2009-08-20 11:02

Mitsubishi 3000GT or Toyota MR2

Black Bart US (84)

2009-09-27 17:16

Yeah, Mitsubishi 3000. Besides, this car looks nothing like a MR2.

sajmon14 PL (230)

2010-02-05 22:01



2010-04-08 00:24

A tuner-ized Eagle Talon or Mitsubishi Eclipse from the pre-1990's

strike9 US (13)

2010-05-24 01:19

UM its either a mitsubishi fto or a newer 3000gt NOT AN MR2 bcause the engine is in the wrong place, although it has similiar handling characteristics
It also (kinda) looks like a nissan 300z twin turbo 2x2

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Black Bart US (84)

2010-09-12 23:40

Ford78 wrote The year is not 1986, it`s 1996

How? The game takes place in 1992.

Ford78 PT (13)

2010-09-13 20:14

I was taking about that this car is MK II.

Ford78 PT (13)

2010-09-13 20:14

But the Toyota Supra is 1993.

Black Bart US (84)

2010-09-13 20:54

1993 models were sold 1992, just like today, it's 2010 and 2011 models are getting sold. You don't see any 2012 or 2013 models out today, on sale.

-- Last edit: 2010-09-13 20:55:13

CA_NES US (98)

2010-09-15 03:28


Ford78 PT (13)

2010-10-04 13:11

Unlockable, because you can unlock when Complete Driving School Bronze

andrew nicholson

2010-11-27 00:40

I think this probably coud be a Toyota MR2. because there are 3 generations of MR2 that exist. The Mark One is ruled out because it's too small and wedge like. the super gt is curvaceous like most 90's sports cars so that also rules out the Mark Three because it's too small and the wrong shape. so in conclusion Jelh is right the Super GT is based on the Mark Two Toyota MR2 made from 1989-1999 (fits in with timeline as san andreas is set in 1992) as shown in this picture: notice how the back lights looks similar shape. you will probably say the Super GT is more boxy than the MR2. that is true but the vincent on san andreas based on a BMW five series from the late 80's is more box like than it's real life counterpart. the reason the cars are made boxier with some traces of thier real life counterparts is because rockstar games doesn't have permission to use the real vehicles in the game and altering the apperance is to prevent them from being sued for copyright infringement by the manufactuer of the vehicle.

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2010-12-29 14:15

1990 Toyota MR2 (SW20)


2012-02-26 11:11
To me it looks mostly like this car,i don't understand how can it be mitsubishi 3000gt or a Mr2,cause it couldn't even compare to ferrari testarossa or f40 or nsx.

Ritsu Tainaka US (8)

2012-03-30 15:26

The car's design can be fixed here:

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-12-14 02:14

How about neither? :/

AutoTracker US (226)

2015-12-14 02:51

What is the SARD MC8 anyway?

ZoomZoom US (12)

2015-12-14 03:03

Looking back it's not really an MC8, but more of a W20.

It's the homoglation model for a widebody MR2 Toyota entered in Le Mans, only one was produced and most thought it was crushed twenty years ago until it showed up in a private collection earlier this year. One of the few feel-good automotive stories this year.

-- Last edit: 2015-12-14 03:03:43

AutoTracker US (226)

2015-12-14 03:14

So that tells me that SARD is basically a racing team, entering this car at Le Mans. I've heard of SARD, but only because of the Denso SARD Supra in Gran Turismo.

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-12-14 03:15

So wait... Those pics are of an MR2? Cause that really changing the car.

-- Last edit: 2015-12-14 03:15:55

AutoTracker US (226)

2015-12-14 03:20

Those pics are for a one-off street version of an MR2 that SARD entered in the 24 Hours of Le Mans one year. People thought it was crushed around 1995 but it showed up at a private collection. No idea how it survived. :/

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-12-14 03:39

Wow. If that car could talk. It'd have quite a story of survival to tell! That is, if they don't hunt it down now and crush it.

ZoomZoom US (12)

2015-12-14 03:58

Yeah, in my opinion it's one of the greatest automotive mysteries. Its sale page was taken down minutes after it was posted and the MC8 has disappeared again.

Here's some links that you might like.

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-12-14 04:18

"No daddy! I don't want those mean guys with the crusher to find me!" :lol: since it can talk, why not be 3? Maybe the guy selling it thought what I thought. Someone would trace it down and furthermore destroy it.

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-12-14 04:46

You better bet it would get stolen! Honestly your story lines up. That would most likely happen

Burn Rubber US (346)

2015-12-14 05:27

Back on the Super GT subjct, I see a bit of Ferrari in it really. But also Nissan, MR2, and just gibberish. Honestly I'd say Made for Game.

Automotive Gaming IT (50)

2015-12-14 18:07

TRD 2000GT:

ZoomZoom US (12)

2016-01-02 20:39

I don't want to open this can of worms again, but it's a 1991 model, not a 1986 model.

-- Last edit: 2016-01-02 20:40:25

ZoomZoom US (12)

2016-02-07 19:47

Model is Mk.II and Chassis code is SW20

Atty.RestyBoholJr. PH (0)

2017-06-11 06:48

For me it's 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT, period. End of story.....

Atty.RestyBoholJr. PH (0)

2018-07-25 05:17

STOMPITCRUSHITKILLIT wrote For me is a Ferrari F50 because my dad, my stepdad and my grandparents says that is a F50.

Uh huh, but the game is set in 1992 thus the Ferrari F50 debuted in 1995. No disrespect but your suggestion is obviously anachronistic. The closest thing you can imagine is the F40 with the name of Turismo. Also the 'Super GT' in game is based on the Japanese car not the Italian one :).

-- Last edit: 2018-07-25 05:19:38

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