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1971 Buick Skylark 'Clover'

1971 Buick Skylark 'Clover' in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Action, 2004

Class: Cars, Coupé — Origin: US

Playable Vehicle Playable vehicle

1971 Buick Skylark 'Clover'

Picture provided by : G-MANN

1971 Buick Skylark 'Clover'

Picture provided by : SolanaBogon

Comments about this vehicle


poncho sd

2006-10-04 16:48

difficult one - a bit annonymous - like an Oldsmobile Cutlass with the awkwardness of a Rambler Marlin or an AMC Rebel (a car that AMC practically claimed was not as good as other muscle cars, but could still put up a good fight - that's confidence and good marketing right there)


2006-10-06 06:40

I've always thought of it as a Cutlass.


2006-10-13 14:12

1969 Ford Torino:


2006-10-14 08:38

Rear pillar indicates otherwise:


2007-03-18 16:44

1971 Buick Skylark


2007-03-22 23:10

Pretty close:

Skid US (0)

2007-11-26 21:04

1968 Oldsmobile 442 is the closest thing I can find.


2007-12-12 02:54

i always thought cutlass too

Ali M5

2008-03-16 15:43

reminds me of a british ford escort mk3


2008-07-03 11:45

Ali M5 wrote reminds me of a british ford escort mk3

How does it remotely look like a MK3 UK Escort?


2008-09-02 12:18

What about a 1973 Plymouth Satellite (especially concerning the rear view)

Skid US (0)

2008-09-02 22:36

The rear probably looks more like a 1972 Ford Torino than anything.

Caio Fivetech BR (1)

2008-10-04 00:24

GTO (the back)

Skid US (0)

2009-11-18 23:18

It does very strongly favor a 1968 Pontiac GTO.

bigblockbuicks1 US (0)

2009-11-24 01:36

this is defenntly NOT a 71 skylark.
more like a modified '68 cutlass 442


2009-11-29 17:53

Definitely a 1974 Plymouth Satellite Coupé.
I've found this photo to prove it :

leoz EN (0)

2009-12-15 21:01

Sweet, you're right, even the rear looks the same:
So '74 Plymouth Satellite Coupe. :D

chevyman105 US (0)

2010-01-07 04:09

GTO front, Mustang back

strike9 US (13)

2010-05-22 01:30

Id agree with it being a plymouth satelite


2010-08-19 23:39

1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport.

bigblockbuicks1 US (0)

2010-11-23 23:49

it is not a buick!!!!!!!!
i think a satellite is longer looking than this car
i still think '68 olds cutlass.


2011-07-27 22:34

Definetly a 1968. That was the last year for the vent windows, but first year for the fastback muscle cars for GM. Now knowing that it is a '68, we know it can't be a skylark because those had more inset headlights and taillights were lower in back and more curved. None of the other muscle cars of that year looked close to this except the oldsmobile cutlass. Therefore, it must be a 1968 oldsmobile cutlass

ACE the ultimatum FI (37)

2011-12-17 08:09

Reminds me of Flatout's 'Overrunner'!

SolanaBogon FR (135)

2012-06-02 12:09

There is already a Cutlass: the "Sabre". So this one is a Skylark.

mastergogh ZA (0)

2012-08-05 12:30

I'd say a 68 Oldsmobile Cutlass with the headlights of a 69 Cutlass(I would have said a 69,but it doesn't have a split grille)andbody shape of a 68 Cutlass,and the back end of a 72 Gran Torino GT

generalle2 US (0)

2013-11-16 12:21

IDK why but this car was one of my favorites

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