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2008 BMW M1 Hommage 'Übermacht SC1'

2008 BMW M1 Hommage 'Übermacht SC1' v Grand Theft Auto V, Akční, 2013

Třída: Auta, Prototyp / Koncept / Studie — Země původu: DE

Playable Vehicle Downloadable Vehicle Hratelné a stažitelné vozidlo

Jak to získat : The Doomsday Heist update

2008 BMW M1 Hommage 'Übermacht SC1'


2008 BMW M1 Hommage 'Übermacht SC1'


2008 BMW M1 Hommage 'Übermacht SC1'


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Shogo CA (0)

2017-12-12 20:00

Bit of BMW i8 in there too

Silnev AU (109)

2017-12-13 02:38

Shogo napsal Bit of BMW i8 in there too

Yeah mainly in the back area...crazy I never would have thought to combine a BMW concept car and the i8 to create the SC1. Also it's rims are the same ones the Truffade Nero Custom has.

speedfreak975 LB (696)

2017-12-18 22:05

Alot of new cars...maybe its time to visit gta again....once scripthook is updated

generalrusty78 US (5)

2018-04-12 00:08

Ubermacht's first supercar is a place where powerful forces meet: the past encountering the future; the elegance and status of traditional design coming up against the relentless pursuit of revolutionary performance; your boundless sense of superiority and entitlement battling with your crushing insecurity and hunger for approval. Thanks to the SC1, you can have them all.

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