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Yes, I stole this bio's format from Burn Rubber. If you're reading this, I didn't hate you.

Boring person who takes pictures of cars in video games for fun. Yeah...

I'm a moderator on the Forza subreddit, and there's nothing else I really do. Oh, I started a racing club once... never again.

I like stuff that's good. I don't like stuff that's bad. I'm really just a normal person. Oh yeah, dae hate PewDiePie and SoFloAntonio and this beat dropped harder than the Fine Bros' subscriber count lel edgy.

Favorite video games:
Forza 4, 6
Both Forza Horizons
The classic Need For Speeds (up to MW2005)
World of Tanks
Rocket League

My least favorite video games:
Newer Need For Speed games (MW2012 onwards)
2scary4me jump scares
Cookie Clicker & co.

My current list of gaming consoles.
Xbox One
Xbox 360
PlayStation Vita
Nintendo DSi
Gameboy Advance
The worst laptop in the world (it struggles to run IGCD at times_

My favourite cars.
Every Ferrari ever
2013 Mustang GT500
Audi RS2
Volvo S60 Polestar
Ariel Atom

My least favourite cars
Bugatti Veyron
That Gurkha thing that was added to Forza 6 for the lols
Hummer H3
Porsche 911 [996]

I really want a better PC, but that ain't happening any time soon. For now, I'm happy with the brand new Xbox. It makes an engine sound when you turn it on. BROOM BROOM

Reminder from Burn Rubber: Don't visit these pages
GTA V Stratum.
Need for Speed Underground Subaru Impreza.
Sileighty on Need for Speed 2015.
Stuntman (2002)
Nissan 300ZX on Stuntman.

Now for my life quotes:
"People take good food for granted. They just eat bad food, and bad food is bad." -RealNathan8rr
"Speed has never killed anybody. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you." -Jeremy Clarkson