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Re-writen profile.

Ok figured Id better make a better page for myself.

So here it is, A little about me and cars...

I like cars, and since the early days of my video gaming Ive allways enjoyed finding real models in unlicensed cars, I think the first I did this was when some freinds were asking wht the cars in GTA werem back in school in the late 90s or early 2000s... I dont rember. Well hell, I dident know a damn thing back there, Only that I had a diecast car allmost identical to the flamer, Same blower, same flame paintjob in red and yellow, So I atleast figured that one out..

Now over two decades has past since those kinda days and I look back and think how blunt I was :P Truth be told Im really not smart now, I just enjoy researching things.. In all honisty I cant even do basic maths.. or ya know.. .Type well, But the fustration people feel trying to teach me basic stuff, I feel seeing missnamed cars, I first came here in 2010 and started posting some stuff. Was like a ghost town. 6 years later things have improved a little. I see the cars are much less randomly labled as they felt at first. But theres still issues Really.. it does bug me to think people can look at two diffrent shapes and think they are the same. I dont want to be a bitch, or lecture people The reson I show lots of pictures and refrences is to help you understand how to look for diffrences...
If only teachers did that right... Yeah school was a bitch.

Car stuff!?:
I tend to like older modles of cars, Back when cars drove nicley and everyone wasent so worried about wanting handling to drive on long stright roads with, Stiffer suspension and such to compromise comfort in aid of handling for that track day youll never go on.. Seriusly the Focus RS is one of the most Uncomfertable cars to drive that isent a Ferrari

Some things that really anoy me now are... Well diesel engines, I dont really need to explain why these weak engiens that need turbocharging, high polutant rattlers are bad so ill leave it at that.
Im also kinda irratated with all the proformance cars at the moment.. Ohh Nissan GTR, Skyline, Audi-whater-number And... the Veyron. Ok I dont care what other people like, But these cars are cluttering up everything now, I cant join a decent racing game online now that uses more, intresting to drive cars because the only.. single thing that matters to people now is speed.

Wich brings me onto car culture, Dont hate those who like what you dont.
Im sure theres plenty of people who love the stuff I cant stand, Japanese proformance ricers, BMWS, lovers of supercars, And thats fine 'whatever' Just because you like something I dont, it dosent mean anything, So I expect the same in return, If I want to like station wagons from the early 80s, then thats my buisness.

Bad taste in cars does not exist 'Bad Taste' is just someone saying that there personal opinion is more important than someone elses.

So Ill carry on making fun of BMW fans, and people will keep mocking my love of american cars, Just dont tell someone its Wrong to like something :P

fun stuff?:
I doodle lots of crap, I like ponies, and Im a game modder from a forgoten time, So come chat if you like older games, mods for stuff like Ye oldy GTAs or cartoons... I love cartoons..

Email :
Please dont send me spam or such but if ya wana tell me something thats not cluttering up the board, or if I came across the wrong way dont be afraid to talk about it.

So I hope I can help ya figure some stuff out, :P Ill be here at random times... I dont sleep as much as most people <.<