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Who am I?
Old games, cars, cell phones and music lover that he is, by the words of krq9 ignorant fanboi from gods forgotten place: Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic.

I am also third person, right after Rinspeed and PikesPeak, who uploaded avatar to his profile , which is same avatar that i have on my YouTube channel (not anymore, 10th september 2015 I changed it to same one, but with Škoda on it). It was about old games, and for anyone interested, here is link, although it isnt in english, but czech:

I am also a guy, who did whole Czech translation by itself, you if you are from Czech Republic or Slovakia, vděčíte mi za všechny české texty :D Vím, není to ideální, ale některé věci byli vytrženy z kontextu, tudíž se u nich dělal špatně překlad.

Edit: 30th November 2015 - 2000 points and admin rights!
10th December 2016 - 3000 points reached!

If you are interested in cars that my family had (I am year 1999, so I am too young for owning a car), there is list:
Red 1981 Škoda 120 GLS with black mask (chrome masks were more rarer). Dads 1st car.

Pea green 1985 Škoda 130 Rapid 5-SPEED with custom made dual exhaust. Bought via Tuzex in cca 1986. Dad miss this car badly. Also he was dating with my mom back then with this car.

Two 1989 Škoda Favorits. First in shitty beige and few weeks later in quite nice dark purple. Grandpa died and grandma didnt have licence, so she gave the car to my parents.

1991 Renault 19 Chamade. First used car, friend of dad sold him this in 1999, so this is first car I remember. It had very dark green metallic color. It was a good car, we drove with it every year to Croatia. My sis was often sick in this car. Sold in 2006 for circa 1100$.

2001 Renault Laguna 1.6 From begining in 2006, when it was bought, I disliked it with a passion. What a stupid idea to buy french car with bad reliability reputation and lot of new ELECTRONIC (sounds like a complete disaster) stuff from first year of production. Once in road to Croatia, electronic thing in sisters door failed and glass was going down. It was repaired in the place of vacation. We have still this car.

And how can I forget to my now adult sister. She drives red 1988 Škoda 120 L. Beautiful car, owner is her boyfriend, but he hates driving, so before she drove it, it was some years in garage. About 30 000 km totally driven, this car runs like a dream. Sister only failed to use leaded fuel or these things that you pour in gas tank to compensate it. But car more or less nothing. And repairs are that cheap that she can afford it. Two years ago, it had on front axle factory wheels from 1988, there are now hidden in front boot.

And now my personal list of favourite cars:

1th - 1977-1990 Chevrolet Caprice
2nd - Other classic american cars
3rd - 1976-1990 Skoda 120
4th - Other communistic Skoda
5th - Eastern bloc cars (Lada, Maluch, Oltcit, Trabi, Tatra, Velorex, Yugo etc.)
6th - 1991 Renault 19 Chamade
7th - Lamborghini Countach
8th - Skoda Felicia Fun
9th - AMC Pacer, Gremlin, Eagle, Javelin
10th - British threewheelers - Peel, Bamby, Cursor, Bug, Robin, Rialto...
Bonus - Babetta 210. It isnt technically a car, but it is only bike (with Honda Zoomer) that I like.
Bonus 2 - Karosa 700/900 series. Very comfy bus to sit in, lot of legroom, it can go really fast...

List of cars I wanted to own. It could be roughly listed from cars that i wanted as a little kid to today, but with that amount of cars I probably mix them up a little bit.

VAZ 2101
Austin Metro
Chevrolet G20 with extended chassis and taller roof (I thought I will be selling in it old MS DOS games and that it will have really cool artwork on it).
1980s Plymouth Duster
1995 Mercury Tracer sedan
1989 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon - this is my long-time "want to have" car, I got some periods of other cars but this will be probably my 1st car.
AMC Eagle
Beige VAZ 2105 or blue VAZ 2104
1991 Trabant 1.1 sedan or 1995 Trabant 1.1 Universal Einer von 444
1998 TAZ 1500
Zastava 1100 - my second "want to have" car if my Chevy plan will fail. It is quite rare car nowadays, but few blocks from here there is one.
1968 or 1973 Cadillac hearse (everybody has its goth part inside of his/her soul :p )

Top cars I do not like. Okay, I hate them alot.
1st - JDM, Ricers, Drift cars, Evo...
2nd - Nissan Murano and Juke
3rd - Any Peugeot that came after 206
4th - All 21st century Skodas
5th - 2001 Renault Laguna
Bonus - Classic SOR bus with one door at front end. Imagine all bad things that bus can have and you will end up with this.

Very helpful members list (admins not included). They have good guesses on cars, they are active, they are staying on topic...
sajmon14 - If there will be another admin recruitment, I am all up for sajmon to became an admin here. Really helpful member.
Tuppence870 - Some people say that he is pushing his opinions too hard. Fact is, he is the guy who usually come with very detailed analysis of problematic cars to solve if it is either one or another suggested car.
Mel - Person with good knowledge of cars. He doesnt spam the page with ton of stuff, but when he comments, it is most of the time correct.
krq9 - At first he pissed me off (much like Rinspeed did), but he is a very clever guy even beyond cars
yabush1 - Nice guy who do Ondarun page.
Adrigaaas90 - He knows rally raid cars and motorbikes well.
Hakari - Again, good guy that knows cars and he is reliable.

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