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Profile for user EEVEE(POKEMON) - Country: Japan

Hello, I know lots about cars, I can help translate some languages. Traffic vehicles are quite important to me for some reason.
Joined 3/31/2019.
I like games both from Ea and Rock★.
People sometimes under estimate me.
My favorite mobile game is Assoluto racing.
My favorite Xbox360 game is Nfs Hot pursuit 2010.
My favorite Ps2 game is Midnight club 3(Dub Remix).
And finally my favorite 3DS game is Crash city mayhem.
Active hours in the week 7:00am-8:30pm. (U.S. time zone)
Active hours on weekends 10:30am-10:00pm.
My dream cars are:
Nissan skyline r34.
Toyota Corolla Ae86 Trueno.
Mercedes Amg 6x6.
I'm active as a U.S. and Japan member.
If I'm not active in at least a year, than expect the worst irl. I am 97% active as a mobile phone user. I am a teenager, so I suffer from very quick mood swings.
I'd consider myself as a Special Gamer because I play games you wouldn't be playing everyday.