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I am an avid player of the Forza franchise, which I began playing with a used copy of FM2 in 2009, and it quickly became my favorite series. I also play the Need for Speed franchise, and most non-PC (except for one) Star Wars game, particularly the two "Battlefronts" and "Empire at War." I have also played Gran Turismo in the past, but the last I played was GT4. I originally started out playing only PlayStation in 2001, continued with the PS2 in 2002, and played both PS2 (for car games and Battlefronts) and the original Xbox (for Star Wars: Republic Commando and the two KOTORs) simultaneously until 2009, when I purchased a used 360. I followed with a Day One Xbox One in 2013, and now exclusively play Xbox. I live in northwestern Pennsylvania and am a junior in college.