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...A Personal NightmareAdventure1989
1000 MigliaRacing1991
1000 MilerStrategy1987
15 DaysAdventure2009
19 Part 1: Boot CampAction1988
3 Cards to Dead TimeAdventure2010
4x4 TeamRacing1988
5 Days a StrangerAdventure2003
911 Tiger SharkRacing1985
911 TSRacing1985
9: The Dark Side of Notre DameAdventure2013
A 320Adventure1988
A Line in the SandStrategy1992
A-10 Tank KillerSimulation1989
Abenteuer EuropaAdventure1994
Aces Over EuropeSimulation1993
Action BikerAction1985 (KP Skips Action Biker with Clumsy Colin)
Advanced CircuitsStrategy2010
African Trail SimulatorRacing1990
After BurnerAction1988
Agatha Christie: Dead Man's FollyAdventure2009
Agency 33Adventure2014
Agent XAction1986
Air BucksSimulation1992
Air Havoc ControllerSimulation1995
ALF: The First AdventureAction1987
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Final CutAdventure2001
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesAction1993
Alien vs. PredatorFighting1994
Altered DestinyAdventure1990
Amanda Rose: The Game of TimeAdventure2011
Amazing FindsAdventure2008
Amazing Heists: DillingerAdventure2009
Animal Crossing: City FolkSimulation2008
Archie Barrel - Case: Hotel ImperialAdventure2000
Arctic MovesAction1995
Armored FistSimulation1994
Arnie 2Action1993 (Arnie Savage: Combat Commando)
Ashes of EmpireSimulation1992
Aspar GP MasterRacing1988 (Grand Prix Master)
Asphalt DuellRacing1999
AV8B Harrier AssaultSimulation1992
Avoid the NoidPlatform1989
Awesome Earl in SkateRockSport1986 (SkateRock)
Axel & PixelAdventure2009
B-17 Flying FortressSimulation1992
Baby Jo in: "Going Home"Platform1991
Backroad RacersRacing1993
Backyard BaseballSport1997
Balls of SteelAction1997
Baphomets Fluch 2.5: Die Rückkehr der TempelritterAdventure2008 (Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars)
Batman BeginsAction2005
Battle for the White HouseAction2008
Battle IsleStrategy1991
Battle Isle 2Strategy1994 (Battle Isle 2200)
Beach Buggy SimulatorAction1987
Beach VolleySport1989
Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual StupidityAdventure1995 (MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity)
Belief & BetrayalAdventure2007
Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 2 - The Lost Galleon of the SaltonAdventure2004
Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 2 - The Lost Galleon of the SaltonAdventure2010
Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 5 - Land of the Rising DeadAdventure2006
Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 6 - Scourge of the Sea PeopleAdventure2007
Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 8 - Relics of the PastAdventure2012
Bermuda ProjectAdventure1987
Between the WorldsAdventure2008
BiFi - SnackzoneAdventure1993
Big Bob's Drive InAction1992
Big BusinessSimulation1990
Big City Adventure: New York CityAdventure2009
Big City Adventure: Sydney, AustraliaAdventure2007
Biing!: Sex, Intrigen und SkalpelleSimulation1995 (Biing!: Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels)
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Fast TracksRacing1991
Bill's Tomato GameStrategy1992
Bio MenaceAction1993
Black Bird: Toritachi no TooboeRPG1995
Blue CodeAdventure1991
Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed MysteryAdventure2011
BMX SimulatorSport1986
BMX Simulator 2Sport1989
Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray SyndromeAdventure2012
Broken Sword: The Sleeping DragonAdventure2003
Bubba 'N' StixPlatform1994
Buggy RunRacing1993
BullyAction2006 (Canis Canem Edit)
Butcher HillAction1989
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthAction2005
Campfire Legends: The BabysitterAdventure2010
Campfire Legends: The HookmanAdventure2009
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersAction1991

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