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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Action, 2006

7.88/10 (17 votes)

Developer: Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North Ltd.

Publisher: Rockstar Games, Inc.

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: view them


Pictures for this video game were provided by: Star Wars Fanatic , Andra125

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4.33/10 (3 votes)

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Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2006-09-16 19:21

IGCD's first game that is not out yet. Vice City Stories is the PSP sequel to the incredible Liberty City Stories, and once again Rockstar look set to have outdone themselves again. View the trailer:



2006-10-09 02:22

Darn! All the cars appear unchanged from the regular Vice City! In fact, the only difference is the addition of the quad bike and the Sabre has a new grill.

G-MANN UK (51)

2006-10-11 14:30

Since the game isn't out yet, some of the cars in the promotional shots may differ to what they will look like in the game. Anyway I find it disappointing that they keep rehashing old cities instead of creating new ones, now that they've covered all 3 cities in the original GTA they should move on, maybe with Liberty City it was OK because Vice City and San Andreas had so many more game features than GTA3, but there would be no point in making a "San Andreas Stories". There's plenty of other cities in America that they can emulate, not to mention the rest of the world. Or they could try creating their own nation, maybe some Central/South American banana republic.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2006-10-11 19:14

Explorer4x4 wrote Darn! All the cars appear unchanged from the regular Vice City! In fact, the only difference is the addition of the quad bike and the Sabre has a new grill.

It will just be like Liberty City Stories - mostly the same cars with the odd cosmetic change to reflect the earlier age and also the odd new vehicle. Personally I can't wait until November 3rd, it's going to be possibly the greatest GTA yet even surpassing the console versions.


2006-10-12 17:19

Well, I loved all three of the citys (Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City), and I don't mind the same places. I just want more/new/different cars for each. Oh, and Grand Theft Auto IV will be set in a all-new city, Carson City, I think. Remember, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas are all part of the Grand Theft Auto III segment, GTA4 will be a all-new 'chapter' for Grand Theft Auto.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2006-11-05 00:06

Got this game today and it is just fantastic. Considering it is on PSP, it is a phenomenal technological leap, even if it doesn't do too much to revolutionise GTA.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2008-01-28 17:10

I really need to get this page complete :(

G-MANN UK (51)

2008-01-28 17:11

How do you get screencaps off a PSP game?

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2008-01-28 17:12

Unfortunately I do not know, but a PS2 version does also exist.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2008-01-28 17:14

As luck would have it, I found a few websites before that listed vehicles in the GTA series with the only omission being VCS.

G-MANN UK (51)

2008-01-28 17:14

Why didn't they release this on the PC? With Liberty City stories and this are the graphics and gameplay as good as the originals (GTA3 and Vice City)?

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2008-01-28 17:17

They were really principly designed for the handheld market, which is reflected from its shorter missions for example. The graphics and gameplay however stay true to form which was quite a feat for a PSP title. Feature wise, it is more or less on par with GTA 3 and Vice City, leaving out some of the more advanced features found in San Andreas. The port to PS2 came as a surprise though, since the novelty of having a functional handheld GTA was removed, leaving you with a stripped down version of previous titles on the PS2.

G-MANN UK (51)

2008-01-28 17:19

How do the two games compare to GTA3 and Vice City? Be honest.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2008-01-28 18:40

In what way? Graphically and gameplay wise they are very similar, but it the recurring locations felt like a bit of a re-hash. The lack of very many new features made them less remarkable, with the real selling point being the fact you could play a fully 3D GTA on PSP.

G-MANN UK (51)

2008-01-28 18:51

Are the missions good? You said they were shorter.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2008-01-29 00:02

I think they were shorter in the case of LCS, but better in VCS.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2008-02-07 23:36

Thanks to TenaciousD and Kippers from GTAforums :)

CrazyCars EN (13)

2008-02-12 20:06

i can't find some cars on this page:

DeLorean DMC12
Chevrolet Astro

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2008-02-12 21:13

They are all there.

3loader RU (4)

2009-01-12 23:03

I think they should do "Police stinger" not "police cheetah" in this game. In first two seasons of "Miami vice" was Ferrari 365.

Black Bart US (81)

2009-06-10 21:19

To me, this game was better than Liberty City Stories.

Ford78 PT (13)

2010-12-15 19:39

I bought the game almost 2 weeks ago

UltraRazza UK (0)

2012-07-10 17:59

I've had the game for about 5 years now.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-10 21:01

ominusdude wrote I had this on my PSP for about a week until mom and dad took a shit about the rating

:lol: Why do you even bother?

SmoshShutUp CA (0)

2012-08-12 05:33

There's a vehicle which is a small robot you can sit on and drive, but it doesn't count as a car!

Gamer DE (71)

2014-03-05 18:41

Unless you want to lose your appetite, DO NOT enter the grocery stores in the game! [:puke]

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