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Test Drive 4, Racing, 1997

Developer: Pitbull Syndicate

Publisher: Accolade, Inc.

Damageable vehicles: No

Tracks or places: view them


Pictures for this video game were provided by: JFK , Star Wars Fanatic , Comfortably Numb , EminemRUS

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Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2008-04-03 02:03

After an 8 year hiatus since Test Drive 3, Test Drive 4 brought the long running racing series to proper 3D and marked its first appearance on Windows PCs. Like the games before it, it featured a selection of exotic cars allowing you to tear around various street racing levels, with some nicely authentic tracks including a well designed representation of England. I have always seen Test Drive as the older brother to Need For Speed - both follow the same premise but with different degrees of success, more recently. Despite some shoddy handling, Test Drive 4 is regarded as the best in the series until the recent Test Drive Unlimited.

TA-caprice-XI SX (8)

2008-04-03 15:29

Was this the game that had Edinburgh as a track? just wondering cos i always loved that lol

EDIT: It was actually test drive 5 that had that - and the traffic cars were easily identifiable

-- Last edit: 2008-04-03 15:39:13

R3399 IS (0)

2011-01-05 20:10

This and Driver 2 and Gran Turismo 1 - 2 were my Childhood games, I remember this one the most tho, I owned it from 2003? - 2007 and my uncle also owned it in Very Early 2000s. I loved driving the Cuda and the Nissan 300ZX i drove them the most, I sometimes also drove the Cerbera and the blue Chevy camaro and the Viper.

I miss this game.

-- Last edit: 2011-01-05 20:10:25

Aginnon CZ (3)

2017-02-18 19:21

No inside shots?

K20lover199 (0)

2017-02-18 21:03

Aginnon wrote No inside shots?

The game doesn't have cockpit view.

Aginnon CZ (3)

2017-02-18 21:40

K20lover199 wrote
The game doesn't have cockpit view.

The PC version has.

JFK CZ (365)

2017-02-18 21:48

I uploaded some, but I got bored in process, plus bonus cars have broken interiors.

XThUnDeRX CA (173)

2017-06-21 02:40

Star Wars Fanatic wrote Despite some shoddy handling, Test Drive 4 is regarded as the best in the series until Test Drive Unlimited.

Honestly? This was one of the worst in the series. The handling is absolutely appalling, the graphics have aged poorly and the tracks leave much to be desired. Test Drive 5 and 6 are both MUCH superior games in my honest opinion.

(Also me replying to a really old quote, how 'bout it.)

Aginnon CZ (3)

2017-06-21 10:34

Test Drive 6 had shoddy reviews when it came out on PC. A terrible port of a Dreamcast game, so the PS1 version was and always will be superior.

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