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Midnight Club II, Racing, 2003

Developer: Rockstar San Diego

Publisher: Rockstar Games, Inc.

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: view them


Pictures for this video game were provided by: badlymad , takumi , lcpdcv , Black Bart

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Graphics and Sound
Vehicle ModelingYour Vote :
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6/10 (6 votes)
Landscape/Scenery QualityYour Vote :
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6.5/10 (6 votes)
Weather EffectsYour Vote :
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5.17/10 (6 votes)
Damage SystemYour Vote :
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6/10 (5 votes)
Sounds EffectsYour Vote :
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6/10 (6 votes)
PlayabilityYour Vote :
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8.17/10 (6 votes)
RealismYour Vote :
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5.5/10 (6 votes)
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7.33/10 (6 votes)
Vehicles VarietyYour Vote :
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7.5/10 (6 votes)
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8.5/10 (6 votes)
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7.67/10 (6 votes)


badlymad CA (5)

2007-11-13 05:32

I currently have this game on my computer and could get some pictures if any of the admins want.

CrazyCars EN (13)

2007-11-13 07:28

Yes please, some cars are missing :D

Star Wars Fanatic EN (507)

2007-11-13 10:57

Some of the shots don't appear to be in game either, so that would be appreciated.

CrazyCars EN (13)

2007-11-13 18:12

They are all in game?

Star Wars Fanatic EN (507)

2007-11-13 20:10

Some of them are promotional pre-release screenshots which can sometimes misrepresent the actual game.

takumi FR (400)

2009-11-15 20:29

Badlymad missed a lot of cars, i love this game because is a one rare game who take place in paris !

takumi FR (400)

2009-11-18 20:25

You can make a nice stunt, nice biker :D

sajmon14 PL (181)

2009-12-04 13:46

you forgot pics of the Batmobile looking like car

-- Last edit: 2009-12-04 13:46:13

takumi FR (400)

2009-12-18 20:07

A french citroen zx police car in Los Angeles :

Bad day :king:

takumi FR (400)

2009-12-18 20:12

Ford Crown Victoria in Paris :D

Hit by a fuc*** smart :

:king: For close this game lol

-- Last edit: 2009-12-18 20:26:08

sajmon14 PL (181)

2009-12-18 21:33

takumi wrote i didn't finish the game

go to cheat and write upupdowndown it's vanishing after relaunching and your progress are the same as before ;)

takumi FR (400)

2009-12-18 21:34

sajmon14 wrote

go to cheat and write upupdowndown it's vanishing after relaunching and your progress are the same as before ;)

You can see the game is end now lol

sajmon14 PL (181)

2010-03-19 14:05

the steering of cars sucks, they even can't go on straight road. MC3 is better

takumi FR (400)

2010-03-19 19:51

MC3 is very good, but the second episode too, everything have her preference and opinion.

-- Last edit: 2010-03-19 20:07:08

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2010-04-04 15:41

subzero wrote Hmm, and in IMCDb, normal admin have the privilege to ban members??

No, only antp can do so, but all admins are free to discuss which members are to be trusted and those who are not trustful, eventually those who are extremely unreliable and want to cause nothing but mischief get banned by our board. We've had countless cases like this already.

-- Last edit: 2010-04-07 08:22:30

108092 FR (1)

2010-10-05 11:11

Midnight club 2 is better a lot that 3 with better sirenes traffic I speak about 2 and we can kill pietons 2 3 it is less better :king:

k9underdogg AR (0)

2011-08-15 02:38

It's true, I liked that in Midnight Club 2 you could actually hit people and kill them. They would try to jump away from the cars like in Midtown Madness, but some would inevitably get hit sometimes. Off course it was always by accident, but it shows you that street racing IS really dangerous, and that you should stay away from it in real life.

Skyline159 FR (5)

2011-10-28 22:25

Damage with Explosion Vehicle.

Antti-san FI (37)

2012-04-16 00:46

Nitpicking, but I think the name should be written "Midnight Club II", not "Midnight Club 2". ;)

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-13 10:03

Found a few unused traffic vehicles-should I add them?
LA firetruck, International quadcab.
Fullsize Paris garbage truck, looks like a Scania.
Different Tokyo cargo truck, stumped on what it is.
Tokyo Utility truck, think it's a Isuzu.
BTW, beta files left over indicate at one time, there was going to be a traffic Honda CRV, Hummer H1 limo and a BMW of some sort as traffic vehicles in LA.
There was also going to be a VW Polo and tourbus as traffic vehicles in Paris.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-13 10:09:11

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-13 12:59

Well if they are visible in some beta shots then you can add them, since they were playable in beta version, but if there is no proof that they were palyable then they cant be added

There are also some unfinished player cars in game files

-- Last edit: 2012-07-13 13:00:11

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-13 13:58

We don't list beta vehicles of any kind in IGCD, even if they exist in final version. Only works for these that can be played with cheats but not modding.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-13 17:58

The thing is-I don't know if they're beta(the LA firetruck, fullsize Paris garbage truck, Tokyo cargo truck and Tokyo util truck.)
They may appear in scripted race traffic. :??:
The traffic Honda CRV, Hummer H1 limo and BMW are beta, and the only thing left is text. The only thing left of the VW Polo and tourbus are .vehicle files.
Sajmon, what are these unfinished player cars you speak of? :D

-- Last edit: 2012-07-14 03:34:46

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-14 03:34

So...shall I?

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-14 11:35

I remember I found textures of some blue unreleased supercar and a mc1 leftover, vp_zender or something, I don't remember correctly

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-14 15:51

Okay add them, probably its same story as the traffic London Cab in MM2 :)

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-14 17:19

Alrighty, I shall add them. :D
Yep, there's quite a few leftover MC1 textures. There's also, about 2 script files for "chrisbeta" races. There's also a Crown Victoria wheel texture.
BTW, Sajmon, you being very skilled with the MM2 engine/MM2 modding, do you think i'd be possible to put cops in Cruise mode in MC2?

-- Last edit: 2012-07-14 17:21:35

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-14 17:45

lcpdcv wrote Alrighty, I shall add them. :D
Yep, there's quite a few leftover MC1 textures. There's also, about 2 script files for "chrisbeta" races. There's also a Crown Victoria wheel texture.
BTW, Sajmon, you being very skilled with the MM2 engine/MM2 modding, do you think i'd be possible to put cops in Cruise mode in MC2?

That will require engine modding, programming and reverse engineering. You'd better stick to MM2. Or Driver / GTA3.

Also in MC2 there is a wheel texture, lightbar and so on originally from MC1, but remade.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-14 17:46:49

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-14 17:50

Jesus, it's that complex?
Anyway, added, please accept.
Also added this small kei-car, looks really familiar, but I put it as unknown.

strike9 US (11)

2012-07-15 05:42

a good game though a bit unrealistic as the cars have progressive stats, i meen cmon the 72 bestia and the monstruo should have way better stats then most of the paris vehicles but they dont Rx7>Puma, also i liked the mg and rocket launcher cheats those were great, it also seems like they game was only 90% finished, for instance if you want to play a race editor race there is a option for police cars, but it is non functional and doesn't have any effect

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-15 07:41

Sorry, but the HELL with realism.
However, the thing about the cops is interesting.
I bet a hundred bucks R* intended on having cops in cruise mode at one time. :D

-- Last edit: 2012-07-15 07:41:56

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-15 09:34

Hmmm I would need to check how these cops are added to races and what files are used, it might be possible

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-15 17:28

Hmm I tried editing some file that might contain some cruise settings, but after resaving with iRipper game won't start

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-15 20:59

If one of those settings was cops, it probably crashes because Rockstar didn't put any spawn locations for them.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-15 20:59:26

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-15 23:44

Actually there is no "cop" setting, cops are just opponents with different routes, try open the files from tune/race/city_name and see

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-16 01:20

Exactly, it's the same with MM1/MM2 and MC1.
Looking here in one of the coptest LA .rac files, it appears that they have the spawn cordinates listed in the files.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-16 01:30:13

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-16 18:25

Here is the unreleased SLF400 I was talking about:


lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-16 18:43

Isn't it listed as the Vampire internally?
Looks like a clusterfrigg of a Pagani and Merc CLK.
Any luck with putting cops in cruise?

-- Last edit: 2012-07-16 18:58:24

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-16 19:39

No, I dunno how to make it work. The car I posted above was called vp_slf400, dunno about the Vampire

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-16 20:51

Think it'd be possible to get it to work ingame?
Does it already have handling files and all that BS?

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-17 00:00

I only checked the model, the showcase model is missing, but rest of the parts is fine. I'll check tomorrow if any other files of it exist

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-17 00:16

Yeah, check if it has .MCVEHICLEAUDIO files.
About the cops in Cruise, did you try copying the cop info from a race in the spot where it would be in a race file?

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-17 00:22

I copied from some race and added to lamauro_arcade cruise, I dont remember correctly, maybe it didn't worked because iRipper didn't saved the file properly

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-17 00:23

You should run it unpacked, IRipper is useless except for extracting all the game+viewing textures. Saving the actual assets_p.dat file is retardedly hard.
If you need it(things required to run MC2 unpacked), I'll give you the crap necessary.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-17 00:24:31

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-19 03:53

BTW, Sajmon, do you know if the LA Firetruck, Paris fullsize garbage truck and Mazda Bongo cargo truck spawn in any races? Just to confirm if it's the same case with the traffic London Cab in MM2.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-19 03:54:20

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-19 10:48

You should ask someone who has completed the career mode :p

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-20 01:12

Oh, lol.
I could check the .rac files, I guess. :D
BTW, more beta stuff, there was also going to be 2 copcars in LA, and an Audi S3 as a traffic vehicle in Paris.
Do you think it'd be possible to fix the traffic vehicles having no shadows underneath them? On the PS2/XBOX version they do.
It actually reminds me of the bug in MM2 how in London none of the traffic vehicles have shadows underneath them.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-20 01:59:35

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-20 06:07

I made cops work in cruise mode, perfectly.
Aside from, if you damage out with cops on you, your car respawns and freezes, no ARRESTED message.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-20 06:12:32

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-20 06:32

How you did that o.o

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-20 06:39

Simple-just copy pasted info from Hector's "Lose The Cops" into the cruise .rac file and did simple edits so it wouldn't crash. If you're running the game unpacked, I can give you the cruise .rac file.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-20 08:00

Just did Paris as well, only, 2 of the cops spawn RIGHT where your car spawns, so right when you start, the cops are hot on your tail.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-22 04:04

Attention Sajmon14 and RacingFreak-the PS2 version still has the model/bound/vehicle/geometry files for the beta traffic vehicles-HOWEVER-the model files are l_mod and h_mod instead of x_mod(which stands for xbox model, since the PC version is a port of the Xbox version)
However, it just hit me-the PC version doesn't have the textures for them, and I bet it'd be pretty hard to convert the PS2 ones(if they're even there)
Also, I finished up my cruise mode cops mod, I tweaked all the positions for LA and Paris, Tokyo was OK from the start.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-22 06:10:56

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-22 08:43

Interesting, I gotta check my PS2 disc these days.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-22 08:56

Man, oh man, if they can be converted to work on MC2 PC..... :D
BTW, va_lacop2 is from VERY early in development. Why? It has 2 breakparts listed. Only MC1 traffic vehicles have breakparts.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-22 08:57:37

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-22 11:12

Make video of these cops if everything works fine, and btw yes you can send me these rac* files, but first someone needs to explain me, how to make them work :p

-- Last edit: 2012-07-22 11:15:36

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-22 14:43

lcpdcv wrote Definitely!
Man, oh man, if they can be converted to work on MC2 PC..... :D
BTW, va_lacop2 is from VERY early in development. Why? It has 2 breakparts listed. Only MC1 traffic vehicles have breakparts.

I have unpacked the PS2 disc completely, the model files are simply the same xmod format as MC2, everything including textures extracted fine for me. What you think off are the mtx files which are for breakables, wheels etc with no relation to the actual model files (in model folder). I have imported va_copcar1 and va_copcar2 and dear god that's awesome stuff right there. What I can say is that they are either '92 CVPI or Ford Taurus :O

EDIT: any clue where I can find va_copcar1_l and va_copcar2_l? Textures are not the same as MC1 neither the lacopcar. It's supposed to have both rear side, window and lightbar on _back texture.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-22 14:49:49

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-22 20:23

Only va_lacop2 is necessary, va_lacop_1 is retail, they're CVPIs btw.
So wait, you got all the beta traffic vehicle textures, EXCEPT for the va_lacop2's textures?
Also, sajmon, i'd make a vid, but I don't have a YT account. To look at how to make them work, just check out the .rac files in the mod, it's simple copy&paste stuff, but i'd recommend running MC2 unpacked.
Also, if that is the case, RF, can you send me all the beta traffic vehicle crap converted to PC format? I know exactly how to make them work.
Here's the cop mod, be sure to back up your orig cruise files.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-22 20:27:14

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-22 22:16

Make a thread at the dedicated sub-forum in gtrN so we can discuss it better as its not lacop2 but copcar1_l and copcar2_l meshes I got. They are in very MM2 quality and shape is a mix of CVPI and Taurus.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-22 22:35

Created thread.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-22 22:36:11

sajmon14 PL (181)

2012-07-22 22:53

340sixpack is your account?

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-22 23:07


NismoR35 US (0)

2012-07-25 08:37

Hi, new to the website here. Anyway, anyone realize that Rockstar's added alot of variety and detail to the traffic cars on MC2 than MC3? I just noticed that. And also, I've seen vids of people modding the playable cars with their real life models, but noticed that some have replaced the model for some cars, with models of the traffic cars, is that possible?

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-25 08:39

Uhhhhh...if they did it, it's possible. :??:
Seriously, your message just gave me the biggest brainfreeze ever.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-25 08:40:17

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-25 09:01

You better get Midtown Madness 2.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-25 09:08

Wait-me? If so, way ahead of ya, got it on my other drive.

RacingFreak (102)

2012-07-25 09:10

My comment was directed to Nismo, but when it comes to modding, MM2 is the best.

NismoR35 US (0)

2012-07-25 23:05

Ahh, and I meant about this vid, Supposedly it was called the "MODern Edition" and seemed like an old mod made a while back, so I dunno. :think:

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-25 23:59

Oh god, MODern edition, absolutely the worst mod ever made. :lol:

NismoR35 US (0)

2012-07-26 00:20

Yeah, cars didn't look that good, but I definitely noticed the Cocotte turned into what looked like the Tacoma from the LA traffic set, and Boost turning into the Explorer as well. :p

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-26 00:23

Yes, but their models/textures had been modified extensively.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-26 00:26:19

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-28 23:08

Well, I was experimenting with props, and found an unused copcar prop for LA(l_prop_copcar_01x),I added the entry for it in the numBangers section, and got this.
No textures, no wheels, no collision, and it looks like a 1992-1997 gen Vic. :wow:

-- Last edit: 2012-07-28 23:19:24

NismoR35 US (0)

2012-07-29 02:54

Might've been a beta model of the playable one and the developers forgot to delete the model from the game? Also, I found something funny with the traffic version of the Paris cop, I dunno if it was a stroke of luck or some odd glitch, but It was in one of Farid's races, two cop cars will pull in front of you and stop, however, on one occasion, the game shows the cars arriving, but instead of pulling in, they just drive past like any regular traffic car, oddly, the siren sound still goes off where they should've stopped, and the cars themselves just drive around like regular traffic cars, albeit with the lights flashing. :think:

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-29 03:05

The game must have 2 variants of that situtation. First one must be with the VP(Vehicle Player, behaves agressively, like an opponent) version, and second must be with the VA(Vehicle AI, behaves like traffic vehicle) version.
The prop version was probably meant to be used in a roadblock, and probably explode when you hit it.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-29 23:09

Added wrecked prop version of va_cargotruck_large_t(1992 Mitsubishi Fuso FU410SX), only seen on one of Haley's races.

strike9 US (11)

2012-07-30 00:27

sajmon14 wrote Here is the unreleased SLF400 I was talking about:


cool the name aparently indicates its relation to the slf450x (the jet car)

-- Last edit: 2012-07-30 00:29:36

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-07-30 02:06

SLF is the make, 400 is the model.

RedFerrari JP (0)

2012-07-30 10:34

this MC is the best MC series ever!

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-08-16 09:30

One thing I love about this game; the great damage modeling.

-- Last edit: 2012-08-16 10:11:19

k9underdogg AR (0)

2012-08-16 22:10

Holy smokes I had totally forgotten about that ^ fantastic damage effects :D I need to play this game again.
Also, I think that Vampire car could be based on the Koenigsegg CC Concept from the 90s:

Black Bart US (84)

2012-10-27 15:19

Other side photos of (most of) the L.A. vehicles, both racing and traffic are now set if anyone wants to check out.

BTW, if you think the any of the old photos need to be updated with new ones, just let me know. ;)

RacingFreak (102)

2012-10-27 16:11

Still missing some pictures. Can't you get any higher res?

Black Bart US (84)

2012-10-27 16:27

I can, by may lack on quality. I just uploaded the other side of the Mazda RX-7 with a higher resolution if you want to see an example.

RacingFreak (102)

2012-10-27 16:57

No, it's pretty blurred out. What resolution you play on? As they are not really good if you're going to replace the current ones :)

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-12-24 01:51

Doing the rear shots for all the Paris/Tokyo traffic vehicles.

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-12-24 02:25

All done.
Added the unplayable versions of the copcars-before they get denied, they're different. Extremely low poly count compared to the playable ones.

-- Last edit: 2012-12-24 06:23:24

NismoR35 US (0)

2013-04-11 07:28

This game just finally got released for digital download in the PSN store, wonder if those hidden traffic cars are still within the game files.

BadHairDay AR (0)

2013-06-30 21:10

Would it be possible to replace a playable car with a traffic car by modding the "assets" file?


2013-06-30 21:51

Yes, by renaming all the model/geom files for whatever traffic vehicle to whatever player car you want to replace.

BadHairDay AR (0)

2013-07-02 05:04

awesome, I'll try, thanks! :]

Antti-san FI (37)

2013-10-16 23:02

Nitpicking, but the title should be written as Midnight Club II.

Tycek PL (168)

2013-10-17 07:47

What for? Whole title is sloped, but it's not the enough point to write it here in such a way.

Antti-san FI (37)

2013-10-17 14:48

I just italicized the "II" in my post to emphasise that the number in the title should be written with a roman numeral, not with an arabic one like it was before. ;)

-- Last edit: 2013-10-17 14:49:09

victorvance DE (309)

2013-10-17 14:50

Tycek wrote What for? Whole title is sloped, but it's not the enough point to write it here in such a way.

The title was written as "Midnight Club 2" before (which is only the Steam-title). What he meant is to change it to "Midnight Club II".

victorvance DE (309)

2013-10-17 14:53

Antti-san wrote I just italicized the "II" in my post to emphasise that the number in the title should be written with a roman numeral, not with an arabic one like it was before. ;)

Funny we answered at almost the same time! :p

Antti-san FI (37)

2013-10-17 15:02

Yep. :D

Tycek PL (168)

2013-10-17 19:17

Okay, for me it always was MCII, so I was a bit surprised with your proposal.

Burn Rubber US (307)

2015-01-30 23:24

I wish I could figure out how to mod my game so I could drive a smart fortwo against a Veloci and win! :lol: but I don't. :mad:

sajmon14 PL (181)

2015-02-04 12:04

added missing pictures of player vehicles

Burn Rubber US (307)

2015-12-27 06:16

Meh. MC3 and LA had much better rice. :D

If you want rice tho check out 3D Tuning. Name should give it away. :lol: They have an R32 as well. ;) Need for Speed Underground Series was rice Haven tho.

And this game was on PC? Must have been rare. Never seen it on a PC platform. :/

-- Last edit: 2015-12-27 06:17:43

JDMracerocket96 US (0)

2016-02-20 15:58

im so pissed i went from mc1 skipped 2 and 3 and went to l.a

Burn Rubber US (307)

2016-02-20 15:59

Well that's really your fault for not playing the series in order. :/

Automotive Gaming IT (32)

2016-03-29 19:23

Are you guys able to make it run on Windows 7?
It will boot for me but won't pass the main menu, so it automatically closes when I try to start a race or a cruise.

sajmon14 PL (181)

2016-03-29 19:26

works for me, I have Vista Patch

Burn Rubber US (307)

2016-05-03 21:01

I should pick up this game one day on PC... I think you can easily swap player and traffic cars (drive a traffic car, Emu's spawn as traffic) by just re-nnaming the files if I remember. And that sounds like a hella good time. :D

Speedevil BE (63)

2016-05-03 21:09

I remember it was free on Steam a few years ago. It's a pretty good game, but it's really hard.

Burn Rubber US (307)

2016-05-03 21:16

I've played it on PS2. It was hard, but after 7 months I finally beat it. I just want the PC version to mod. I'm guessing it isn't still free on Steam though... :lol:

eXuma RU (0)

2016-05-15 04:14

Big thanks to admins and members for all the great work they did! :)

Anyway I've came here just to let people know that the Midnight Club 2 is still alive and people play online via Tunngle (PC only)!

Visit the Midnight Club 2 Community group on Facebook and an mc2official.boards forum. Google it. There you may find many VEHICLE MODS and useful information.

Cya! :)

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