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L.A. Rush, Racing, 2005

Developer: Midway Games

Publisher: Midway Games

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: view them


Pictures for this video game were provided by: RushCars24 , kegare , TheGreaser

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Flippedoutkyrii CA (50)

2019-12-18 05:56

Man, I remember having so much fun with the Xbox Demo of this game :)

Solarriors CH (5)

2019-12-18 15:36

Is the game anygood in relation to Midnight Club and NFS MW ?

TheGreaser US (147)

2019-12-18 22:13

Not as good as those two. MC3 and even MCII both beat this out of the water. The PS2 version of this game is inferior.

TheGreaser US (147)

2019-12-19 04:00

Also, didn't Pitbull Syndicate Limited (from TD series) develop this game?

konkordski UK (77)

2019-12-19 04:34

TheGreaser wrote Also, didn't Pitbull Syndicate Limited (from TD series) develop this game?

yes, but they're sold to midway games and renamed midway studios newcastle by the time.

Solarriors CH (5)

2019-12-19 22:51

Gen 6 the PS2 was always inferior.
We learned the order would stay the same : DC=PS2

-- Last edit: 2019-12-19 22:52:03

TheGreaser US (147)

2020-06-01 18:35

Question for moderators: So what's going to happen to those other photos I've added, thanks to Rule 3B? I know they're from the game but I don't have the PC version or have a working emulator, so I had to improvise with the iPad. Are they just going to be deleted?

Solarriors CH (5)

2020-06-15 03:09

If there aren't better replacement shots coming, they wouldn't

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