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Michelin Rally Masters: Race of Champions, Carreras, 2000

6/10 (3 votos)

Promotor : Digital Illusions CE AB

Editor : Infogrames Multimedia SA

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8.67/10 (3 votos)

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Diamondude UK (0)

2014-03-06 20:03


looks like a awsome game

solarriors (0)

2014-07-11 19:53


It is. Prequel to the excellent Rallisport Challenge series made by the same devs (Digital Illusions).
It features very good replicated damage, cockpit views, night&weather, a lot of varations of the environnement during stages (one really feels like traveling), very good !! physics models. Blows out in that area Colin McRae 2.0 or Mobil 1 Rally championship ( the worse physics I tried in a rally game along with CMRae(R.I.P.) 2005 Plus ().
It also got the super special stages from the ROC, with biography many famous pilots of the time and beyond.
What amazed me most was the sound, altough not very accurate like every ps1 game or fourth gen console game, it was complete and complex. Just listen at the particular Audi S1 Quattro engine and de-clutch sound :love:

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