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GRID, Racing, 2019

Developer: Codemasters

Publisher: Codemasters

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: ?


Pictures for this video game were provided by: Speedevil , damianea103

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Speedevil BE (178)

2019-05-21 16:04

Bumpercars45 AU (21)

2019-05-21 16:24

So happy to see the series back

Edit: Some information
Locations are in Four Continents, both World Circuits and Street Races

Car Classes are :
Touring Car (as we seen in trailer)
Stock Muscle
Super Modified (supposed to be the same Super Modified in Grid 2)

Modes are : Circuit , Street Race , Ovals , Hot lap , P2P and World Time Attack which should aligned with Super Modified (or we actually get licensed stuff from Yokohama WTAC)

Liveries , Player Cards , Team Mates and such things are your progression so we're going to have Actual Teammate system like OG GRID ?

Realistic Damage that affect performance and handling

The Main championship of this game is the GRID World Series Championship or WSC

You have 6 Career paths to start with showdown events, end of the line is the World Series
An innovative moment-to-moment scoring system that rewards players for technical, skilful or brave racing. Players can earn points from teammates, rivals and nemesis drivers to improve their score both offline and online.

NANDO IS SIGNED AS CONSULTANT AND WILL BE APPEARED IN GAME, the game will give you a shot against Alonso's FA Racing esports team with the final showdown we can drive the Renault F1 R26

-- Last edit: 2019-05-21 16:26:16

tommaze TH (0)

2019-05-21 17:10


It Back

Klumb3r CL (550)

2019-05-21 19:52


-- Last edit: 2019-05-22 20:13:40

TheGreaser US (31)

2019-05-21 19:59

Let's hope this reboot lives up to the hype it expects. So far, we have Shanghai, San Francisco and Brands Hatch for tracks as of now.

Solarriors CH (21)

2019-05-21 20:02

I think Codemasters should merge Rally, F1 and car racing. As it was in the good old days

Speedevil BE (178)

2019-05-21 22:09

TheGreaser wrote Let's hope this reboot lives up to the hype it expects. So far, we have Shanghai, San Francisco and Brands Hatch for tracks as of now.

We also know the game will feature Havana and Indianapolis.

TheGreaser US (31)

2019-05-21 23:12

Havana, Cuba? Nice. :)
Pretty sure Indianapolis will be the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, if I remember correctly. We know there will be 12 locations and we're at five (so far).

Also, this game will feature varied time of day/weather, Fernando Alonso as your rival, and it'll come September 13th.

Ahmet2808 TR (0)

2019-05-22 00:22

The feeling of control is as great as Grid 2.

Bumpercars45 AU (21)

2019-05-22 09:22

Really hope this game has an INSANE story mode, something that's been lacking from recent codies games.
More info, looks like they are going for a seasonal DLC, I hope the base game is already stocked though.

Pre-order the GRID Ultimate Edition and receive, in addition to the main game
+ Season 1
+ Season 2
+ Season 3

-- Last edit: 2019-05-22 09:37:52

trufflemonkey SX (0)

2019-05-22 19:38

According to the GAME UK page for the ultimate edition, there are some more cars exclusive to the ultimate edition, including...
Grid Edition Aston Martin Vantage GT4
Grid Edition Pontiac Firebird Modified
Grid Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Time Attack
Grid Edition Renault R26


Pablo198989 PL (1)

2019-05-23 04:20

:) About time

MBR SM (0)

2019-05-23 07:29

Fact is, it probably won’t live to it’s expectations, I feel like Returning old games tries so hard to success but fails miserably, I’m hoping this one won’t and that they learnt from their mistake, I’m not putting my hopes up but still hopefully for the best... I miss the Race Driver games

OldNFS US (0)

2019-05-23 12:36

I'm so glad it's back! :D

Green Runner IR (66)

2019-05-24 15:40

I'm so glad to see it back! This is what PS4 owners need in the end of eighth generation!

Speedevil BE (178)

2019-06-21 21:18

Bear US (15)

2019-07-07 02:34

Ravenwest is coming back to GRID (2019)!

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